Sunday, March 9, 2008




Istanbul...the city that never sleeps. The world´s only city on two continents, Europe and Asia, is full of life and contrasts. The unique Bosphorus will enchant you with its amazing combination of old and modern architecture. When the sun sets, you can see the mystic silhouette of Istanbul´s mosques, palaces and other buildings, which is truly breathtaking. Just feel the atmosphere...


Anonymous said...

Esra, these are the most amazing photos of Istanbul. I love them! My husband is Iranian, and his extended family had a reunion there last July. There were 30 of us in all, from all over the world! It was too hot for an Irishwoman like me, but I fell completely in love with the city. Love your blog-I'll be a regular reader. All the best, Rena :)

Esra said...

Dear Rena,
thanks for your lovely comment. I love to show different impressions of Istanbul, because this city is so different and full of life.
Warm regards, Esra :-)
(Soon you will find more amazing photos of Istanbul ...)


these are amazing photos of Istanbul.

I found your blog through decor8...You are really talented.


Esra said...

Dear New York Muhtari,
thank you for you kind words !
Have a nice day !