Saturday, June 21, 2008


It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 32, another year gone by...I received some beautiful flowers and my home smells like a field of flowers now.

In the evening me and my friends had a wonderful dinner. We went to a restaurant called "Shalimar", which is famous for its delicious meals and represents the best of indian cuisine here in Hannover.

32...sounds good, feels better...I know who I am and what I want to achieve in my future. I am thankful for every experience I made and really appreciate my life.
So I guess I get a little wiser...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pink is everywhere

"Sultan´s Tourmaline" is one of my favourite wirework bracelets. It consists of real tourmalines in three different shades and wire which has an antique gold colour. The pink shade lightens up the bracelet, so it becomes more ladylike by its natural elegant effect. I love the combination of different materials and colours and play with them to achieve unique results. Look at the pink silk that is really smashing. So if you wonder how to combine such a special bracelet, just check your clothing and search for the colour and material that flatters. Just feel comfortable to accessorize with a piece of jewellery that fits you.


Pink can be everywhere without being too bright. In Istanbul you can find almost every shade of pink, from pastel pink to fuchsia. I love to discover the details like a door in washed-out pink which you may see in an unexspected street. The pink tulips in front of a mosque are amazing and look like a beautiful arrangement of pink shades. One of my all-time favourite pink moment is the sunset when the sky changes its colour within minutes. The Bosphorus Bridge is illuminated at night by an amazing design that also changes its colours.