Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Impressions part I

Just came back from a too short vacation...
my head is full of ideas...
Take a look at the colours of the mosaic lamps that have a flattering warm glow,
the beads I have found in the Grand Bazaar are stunning...
There is more to come,
it is worth waiting for :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to inspire

Tonight I will fly to Istanbul !!!
Walking through the Grand Bazaar with more than 4000 shops,
having a tea in Europe while looking to Asia,
hunting very rare beads and crystals,
enjoy the unique skyline at night,
the list goes on and on...
last but not least,
getting 1001 inspirations...
(I will be back in a week, then I will be sharing my highlights.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sultan´s Rose

Another piece of my jewellery line, earrings that I titled "Sultan´s Rose". These Swarovski crystals dazzle with excellent and ideal cuts for maximized brilliance and sparkle. They seem to capture a rainbow. Look at the sparkle, it is dazzling. The spacer in antique copper adds sophistication. These alluring earrings are quite suitable for everyday wear.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gold stone, crystals and silver

The gold stone has something magical, the tiny glitters have a warm effect on the skin. I combined gold stones with two different Swarovski crystals to get some shades of brown that are a nice contrast to the silver tassel.
This combination looks very nice on suntanned skin, because the gemstone has sunny reflects.
The reddish brown of the gold stone is in harmony with the cooler browns of the crystals.
The silver tassel looks very majestic with its ornaments, doesn´t it?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cemil Ipekci

If you love fairy tales and colours, this genius turkish designer will capture you with his ethnic style. Cemil Ipekci was born on August 5th 1948 in Istanbul, he graduated from the department of design of the "Royal Academy of Arts" in London. He is one of my all-time favourite designers, because his designs are really unique. Cemil Ipekci shows a synthesis of cultures in his collections and mostly interpretes the Ottoman. He has such an amazing eye for the old fabrics and their embroideries. His collections seem like old fairy tales, every dress seems to tell another story. Cemil Ipekci symbolizes the bridge between orient and occident in the world of Haute Couture. The way he uses past elements in a contempory way truly inspires me. It has to be thrilling to meet this wonderful designer...
(Image courtesy of THY Skylife magazine)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bosphorus Palace Hotel

Ever wanted to feel like a sultan? You don´t need to own a palace, just stay at the Bosphorus Palace Hotel. This neo-ottoman residence has an impressive architecture. The rooms are very romantic and in every corner is the taste of history. I love the ornaments, the soft colours, the curtains, everything is so authentic.It is a perfect place for weddings or other special events. I wanted to share these lovely pictures I found in the turkish Marie Claire Maison. Istanbul is a magical city, there is history in nearly every corner. So it is a specific experience to stay at an old residence that first was accommodated by the Grand Vezier of the period.
The hotel has a very nice slogan on the homepage:
When Ottoman Luxury meets The Bosphorus Blue...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to wear a tassel necklace

Many women ask me how to wear a Sultanissima tassel necklace. Most of them think that these necklaces can only be used for a party, so they are afraid to wear this kind of jewellery at daytime. Me and my friends wear tassel necklaces nearly every day. Just look at this wonderful top Ranipink made of a vintage saree, it is beautifully embroidered with silver paillettes and tiny beads. Imagine wearing trousers of white linen, a basic white shirt and this top. You will get a very charming look if you combine such a silver tassel necklace.
Another great effect is to combine classic clothing with sparkling jewellery. Why not wear the necklace I made of pearls, vintage jade and green Swarovski crystals with a simple white blouse? It will look very chic without being conservative.

Sultan´s Turquoise

This smashing wirework bracelet is titled "Sultan´s Turquoise". I used antique gold coloured wire and real turquoise nuggets. Although the bracelet does not have any sparkling components, it has a very fresh look. It fits perfectly to white linen, jeans or a beautiful black dress. It is just the easiest way of accessorizing without wearing too much. This bracelet reminds me of a hot summer, beaches and holidays in Turkey...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A necklace for myself

There is a very kind silver vendor in Istanbul who I always visit when I need to buy new tassels and other silver elements. And these ones are very special, because I describe what I want them to look like and he immediately makes the tassels for my label. Usually I do not have the time to make jewellery for myself, but this one had to be mine. This necklace titled "Sultan´s Sparkling Crystal" is one of my favourites. I really love the handmade silver tassel and the brightness of the Swarovski crystals. The turkish silver elements have ornaments that perfectly harmonize with the sparkle. Everytime I wear this necklace, people are fascinated by its magical effect. So the combination of elegant black clothing with dazzling jewellery is definitely my personal style.

Mobile Phone Jewellery

Why are all mobile phone accessories just that boring? I was asking this to myself a few months ago and decided to create beautiful jewellery for mobile phones that look like the Sultanissima earrings. I used Swarovski crystals, handmade czech beads, real turkish silver and even gemstones to achieve an original and fashionable way of accessorizing them. The result? These jewelleries are real eye-catchers and no matter how old your mobile phone is, it will look amazingly brilliant.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The other voice of Istanbul

Yes, Istanbul is full of people, mobile phones and cars. And yes, it is very loud from time to time. The voices of millions of people, their ringing mobile phones and the noisy traffic might be too much for someone who visits this metropole for the first time...
The art of enjoying the streets of Istanbul is to focus on the other voice. Just listen to the screaming sea gulls while walking along the streets. They swirl among the mosques, trees, houses and accompany the ferryboats. In Eminönü district for example you can see hundreds of doves that you can feed. They really enjoy being part of the crowd. You can hear them coo all the time. What would Istanbul be without its cats? They are everywhere. You can discover them sleeping, eating or playing under cars, in the streets, around mosques, in the parks, next to fishermen, just everywhere. These cats are very cute and it is very hard to leave Istanbul without taking some of them with you...

Bridal Jewellery

A few days ago a friend of ours got married, so she needed something special to accessorize. She liked the Ranipink chandeliers which were made of vintage Swarovski crystals. By using the same crystals I made a very elegant necklace that fit perfectly to the chandeliers and made the bride look very unique. The vintage Swarovski crystals are rare and so the bride got handmade bridal jewellery that made her look stunning.
I love white lillies and think that these flowers match perfectly to a bride.