Monday, July 7, 2008

Bosphorus Palace Hotel

Ever wanted to feel like a sultan? You don´t need to own a palace, just stay at the Bosphorus Palace Hotel. This neo-ottoman residence has an impressive architecture. The rooms are very romantic and in every corner is the taste of history. I love the ornaments, the soft colours, the curtains, everything is so authentic.It is a perfect place for weddings or other special events. I wanted to share these lovely pictures I found in the turkish Marie Claire Maison. Istanbul is a magical city, there is history in nearly every corner. So it is a specific experience to stay at an old residence that first was accommodated by the Grand Vezier of the period.
The hotel has a very nice slogan on the homepage:
When Ottoman Luxury meets The Bosphorus Blue...


felicity said...

We've been to Istanbul and we loved it - if only I'd heard about this hotel before hand - I would have at least gone there for afternoon tea!

Esra said...

Maybe next time you will have the chance to go there and have a tea, you will love it :-)