Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to wear a tassel necklace

Many women ask me how to wear a Sultanissima tassel necklace. Most of them think that these necklaces can only be used for a party, so they are afraid to wear this kind of jewellery at daytime. Me and my friends wear tassel necklaces nearly every day. Just look at this wonderful top Ranipink made of a vintage saree, it is beautifully embroidered with silver paillettes and tiny beads. Imagine wearing trousers of white linen, a basic white shirt and this top. You will get a very charming look if you combine such a silver tassel necklace.
Another great effect is to combine classic clothing with sparkling jewellery. Why not wear the necklace I made of pearls, vintage jade and green Swarovski crystals with a simple white blouse? It will look very chic without being conservative.

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