Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time to inspire

Tonight I will fly to Istanbul !!!
Walking through the Grand Bazaar with more than 4000 shops,
having a tea in Europe while looking to Asia,
hunting very rare beads and crystals,
enjoy the unique skyline at night,
the list goes on and on...
last but not least,
getting 1001 inspirations...
(I will be back in a week, then I will be sharing my highlights.)


Petra :-) said...

Meine Liebe :-)
ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß, Freude und Erholung Zuhause in "unserer" Lieblingsstadt :-) :-)Ich freue mich so sehr für Dich :-) :-)
Alles Liebe
Petra ;-)

Alya said...

i would love to go Istanbul.. hopefully i'll get a chance soon..

Esra said...

Vielen lieben Dank meine Liebe, ich freue mich ebenfalls sehr, in der Heimat zu sein :-)

Dear Alya,
I really hope that you will get the chance to go to Istanbul very soon, you will love the vibe of this unique city :-)