Thursday, August 7, 2008

Impressions II

Sometimes we need some inspiration and do not know where to get some.
For those times, you might enjoy a couple of pictures.
These are some pictures I took at the Grand Bazaar.
For some people, the tons of gold and jewellery are the best and the most interesting.
Others are more interested in leather or carpets.
I love the little details, colours and objects.
I am fascinated by different materials.
Copper, brass, ceramics and glass can be in perfect harmony.
So why not let some colour and different materials into your home ?


Petra said...

please, can we go to Istanbul? Now!! ;-) ;-)I love your pictures, hope we can go together this year......;-) ;-)

Esra said...

Sure, let´s travel now! Oh that would be fun... :-)

{this is glamorous} said...

These shots are fantastic -- such colours and textures!