Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sultan´s Raspberry & Harem´s Lilac Dream

Sultan´s Raspberry

No, this is not a flying carpet... :-)

Harem´s Lilac Dream

There has been lots of work the last days which had to be done,
so I really have been very busy.
But I tried to be creative and made wonderful new bracelets that are shiny,
elegant, sparkling and really dazzling.
Although I did not have much time left to create my jewellery,
I enjoyed making these bracelets.
The Swarovski crystals fit perfectly to the antique gold coloured copper wire, that makes the crystals look like little raspberries or tiny lilac bouquet.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Imagine being a palace woman: Wearing amazingly beautiful caftans and jewellery, walking through the stunning corridors of the Topkapi Palace...
What if you could see and feel the atmosphere behind the closed doors of the palace?
Last year the turkish company Has Hali had the most impressive campaign. This company is very famous for its beautiful hand woven carpets. So Has Hali had an advertising campaign and the famous italian photographer Michelangelo Di Battista did a wonderful job shooting the models as ottoman palace women sitting, walking or standing onto the carpets. I still collect the pictures of this campaign which I found in the turkish Marie Claire Maison, because they are brilliant. Michelangelo Di Battista shot pictures that were inspired by paintings of oriental painters. Please take a look at the homepage of Has Hali, there you can see the most beautiful slideshow ever ! Just lay back and enjoy ... it is worth I promise !

Oriental slippers

Here are my favourite oriental slippers for lounging at home.
They are called babouches in Morocco and are the most comfortable slippers ever,
walking in them feels like walking on clouds.
The leather of these handmade babouches is very soft and every pair has another charming detail like the embroidery.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Vintage style

I wanted to share my newest necklace in a new way, so I decided to decorate it around a very nice vintage picture. So there is a nice contrast between the black-white picture and the colours of the necklace and the silk. You can see a young turkish woman in her traditional clothing, she does not wear any jewellery and does not show her hair, but she has such a naturally elegant and proud look. The necklace consists of Swarovski crystals with a double aurora borealis coating and handmade czech beads. I love the vintage style of it, but it even fits to a pair of jeans. Normally I use silver tassels for my necklaces, but in this case the vintage look of the crystals and the beads had enough metallic sparkle, so using a silver tassel would have been too much.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thé à la menthe...

This bracelet will be a gift for a very kind person who actually lives in Morocco. I think that "Thé à la menthe" is the perfect title for this bracelet, because there are different shades of green in wonderful harmony. The colours could be representing the green tea and the fresh mint. Even the copper wire is coloured in a fresh green. The Swarovski crystals I used are placed in a special way, so you can see a graphic design. I was little inspired by traditional berber designs, which mostly are very graphic, so I tried to achieve a look like them. At the end, this will be a refreshing bracelet ;-)