Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sevan Bicakci

Sevan Bicakci is a real master of jewellery.
His rings are pieces of perfection, that seem to tell stories.
This multi-award winner is an Armenian who was born in Istanbul
and started working at the Grand Bazaar when he was 13.
He loves to show his love to this unique city by using symbols like mosques,
so the rings are miniatures of that impressive buildings.
Above you can see a small collection of his unique jewellery that I´ve found.
Look at those precious stones, their shapes and architectural perfection.
Sevan Bicakci works with materials like gold, silver, diamonds,
gemstones, enamel work and gemstones.
When I am in Istanbul, I try to go and see his showroom,
and I am very impressed of this excellent work.
I really hope that one day I will have the chance to meet this designer,
who is also a visionaire when it comes to jewellery.
Those rings look stunning, but in reality they capture you...

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