Friday, September 5, 2008

Vintage style

I wanted to share my newest necklace in a new way, so I decided to decorate it around a very nice vintage picture. So there is a nice contrast between the black-white picture and the colours of the necklace and the silk. You can see a young turkish woman in her traditional clothing, she does not wear any jewellery and does not show her hair, but she has such a naturally elegant and proud look. The necklace consists of Swarovski crystals with a double aurora borealis coating and handmade czech beads. I love the vintage style of it, but it even fits to a pair of jeans. Normally I use silver tassels for my necklaces, but in this case the vintage look of the crystals and the beads had enough metallic sparkle, so using a silver tassel would have been too much.

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