Friday, October 31, 2008

Against rainy weather...

Since I am back from Istanbul there has been rain almost every day.
It is cold and grey outside...
In times like these I like to look at pictures like this one.
This could be a picture of a book, but I took this picture a few weeks ago.
I love the old wooden houses in the forest and the mighty palace, of course.
The sea makes me relax and captures me.
Hope you like it as much as I do...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oriental gemstones

These lovely gemstone strands will be combined with coloured copper wire in matching colours and Swarovski crystals to get really dazzling and unique wirework bracelets. The silver tea tray and the cute tajine are gifts from my friend Eva, who brought them with her from Morocco. I love the harmony in this picture, this could have been a picture from an oriental bazaar.

Back from Istanbul

I am back from Turkey and want to share some impressions. Above you can see a Turkish Airlines plane, which really offers a delicious meal on board. On my flight back from Istanbul I could choose between filled eggplants and chicken, yummy...
These shots are from the Grand Bazaar, where I always go to find new inspiration.
I love the old pieces of jewellery because of their natural elegance.
These modern necklaces are very shiny and you can see them in various colours.
Some key pendants with cute details and with the typical blue stones
that shall protect you from the evil eye.

Friday, October 17, 2008

On the way to more inspiration

Tonight I will be on the way to Turkey
to find new inspiration and get some fresh ideas
which I will share with you when I am back.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wedding dress

After working so hard for two weddings the last weeks
I would like to show you a very special wedding dress.
It is Petra´s own wedding dress
and I wore this smashing dress on her first fashionshow last year.
While realizing the photoshooting on the bridge
some people thought that I was a real bride :-)
What I respect the most concerning this beautiful dress is the fact that Petra sew her own wedding dress ! I love the story she uses to tell, how she saw a special dress in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and she told the vendor to give her the dress that hung above in several meters. So she used the unique embroidery and some parts of that dress and created a perfect wedding dress.

Special thanks to Holly

Dear Holly, thank you so much for making such a big surprise
and writing about me on decor8!!
This is a big honour for me and I appreciate this so much I can´t tell.
I am glad I shared the pictures with you,
because people from all over the world saw them.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!
You deserve extra turkish delight for this, oh sure ;-)

Sultan´s Sparkling Gold

Here you can see my new bracelet "Sultan´s Sparkling Gold".
The wire is coloured antique gold and is in percet harmony with the Swarovski crystals
in three different shades. This reminded me of the treasury inside the wonderful palaces in Istanbul like the Topkapi Palace.
I love the special sparkle,
because it looks majestic and elegant.
The cute babouches on the picture are for the one-year-old daughter of my cousin,
aren´t they adorable ?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Living in Istanbul

"Living in Istanbul" is one of my favourite books. I wanted to share it with you, because these pictures are so excellent.
First have a seat and relax while drinking your turkish coffee...
I love these impressions...
There are lots of old palaces that are overwhelming...
Pictures of charming wooden houses along the Bosporus are eyecatching, imagine having your tea or coffee while sitting here and looking from Europe to Asia...
The curtains are so lovely and the view to the sea is awesome...
Above you can see a little detail of the interior of a palace...
This book also shows carpets, fabrics and you can read about traditions. I can look at these pictures for hours, because Istanbul is my hometown and looking at these stunning pictures is so relaxing. "Living is Istanbul" captures by showing interiors of old wooden houses, the ones we call "Yali" in turkish. These are details you normally would not see, but with these pictures you can imagine living there.
So do I :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Bride´s Dream

The lovely bride dreamed of a perfect wedding dress and perfect accessories. Petra and I made her dream come true by sewing her stunning dress, stitching about 10.000 sequins, many many crystals; making her jewellery of the same crystals she has on her dress...
We worked so hard for this and it was worth every day of work. There was no time left to eat something and we hadn´t time to relax and hang around, because every detail had to be perfect.
This was our biggest project and we are so thankful for doing this. All the amazing outfits for her friends, the perfect jewellery for every outfit...It really was worth it :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rwanda Genocide, please don´t look away !

(image courtesy of Maryam)

Please take a few minutes to read about the Rwanda Genocide Maryam wrote about.
Every sentence is so full of pain and cruelty,
it really is incredible that human beings are treated

The fact is, this is reality!
In her post Maryam asked us readers to be aware of this problem,
she needs our help to defeat ignorance immediately.
So the least I can do is to post this.

Please, please read her posting and imagine you could be one of these victims...
Wouldn´t you be happy to know that people all around the world are aware of your situation and are willing to help in any way?

Dear Maryam, I am so proud of you,
please take care of yourself !
I have so much to say when we will meet in November...