Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Bride´s Dream

The lovely bride dreamed of a perfect wedding dress and perfect accessories. Petra and I made her dream come true by sewing her stunning dress, stitching about 10.000 sequins, many many crystals; making her jewellery of the same crystals she has on her dress...
We worked so hard for this and it was worth every day of work. There was no time left to eat something and we hadn´t time to relax and hang around, because every detail had to be perfect.
This was our biggest project and we are so thankful for doing this. All the amazing outfits for her friends, the perfect jewellery for every outfit...It really was worth it :-)


marlaakajake said...

A dream coming true for the bride.
You and your friend have done a beautiful dress and the hair beads will give her that extra sparkle to her face. You and your friend have a wonderful gift and I am enjoying the art made together. It is a wonder i found you from one thread to another...pun here so to speak and all of your different talents intertwined by that pink fabric was a story in itself that i truely enjoyed. I had to laugh when your friend mentioned the 80's and her mom having that arty influence...Oh now that i can relate to being that mom. I hope to see a picture from the wedding. wish the bride a happy ever after!

Esra said...

It´s an honour to see that a real artist enjoys our work, this is stunning! Oh yes, we try to have fun while working really hard :-)
Thanks you so much for finding and sharing your thoughts.