Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back from Morocco II

This is me, covered as a woman from the Sahara.

Here you can see Petra and me as a real attraction
on the Jema el Fnaa Place in Marrakesh where we had a really funny dinner.
It was so funny to see that people looked to us in a fascinated way and asked


bianca said...

in hannover pink, in marrakesh blue? hihihi. bianca
ps: you know, what i mean, or not?

Esra said...

Oh yes, that´s right, hehehe...

Mr.Tajine said...

Mr Tajine said , It was nice to have u with in Morocco.
Schim Schak

Esra said...

Thanks a lot Mr. Tajine, that was real fun though, hehehe
( Dreissig, gell ?! )