Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here comes the gold...

One of the things I like the most in December is the glittering decoration you see everywhere. I´m not talking about that "kitschy" stuff around, I like to look at an inviting decoration, that captures you by its beauty. Here in Germany people use especially red and green, but I prefer gold or silver to add that extra sparkle. So the earrings I made kind of fit in this season, because they consist of beautiful material like Swarovski crystal and handmade silver beads that look like brass.
As the theme is gold and glitter, let me show a piece of a common project Petra and I have. This is a cosmetic bag, made of silk has an oriental embroidery I made after Petra sewed the bag. I like the contrast of the shimmering silk and the matte sequins, that look fabulous with those little glassbeads on them.
The embroidery has an Ottoman influence,
and we also use this theme on silk skirts that we titled
"Turkish Delight".
By the way, our common projects have their own label :
Ranipink feat. Sultanissima

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