Sunday, December 14, 2008

Istanbul Nights

Oh, I just received an incredibly delicious tea, that I would love to share.
Even the teabox is so lovely I fell in love the moment I saw it.
Look at the cute ornament, this is definetely an oriental spiced tea...
When you open the box, you discover a tiny button,
and imagine a mixture of black tea, mint, cinnamon, ginger,
coriander, pepper and other spices,
that invites you to have a cup of this divine tea immediately.
This tea is titled "Istanbul Nights", because of its mixture and oriental flavor.
You can order it from Samova, where you also can discover more goodies of that series.

Thank you so much for this special tea, that you chose for me,
dear Holly !


decor8 said...

Hello my dear, I am so happy that you enjoy it. :) :)


Esra said...

I´m loving it, honey !!!
Love, Esra :-)