Friday, December 26, 2008

Oriental Cookies, Anyone ?

During the last weeks I had no time for baking,
but today I made some delicious cookies ,
that I shaped like the oriental slippers (Babouches).
Although they aren´t perfect,
I think they look very cute and pretty.
It was easy to prepare these cookies,
and as you can see,
you get many slippers to eat :-)


decor8 said...

oh so pretty! yummy! :)

Esra said...

Thank you darling ! Wanna try one ?

Thorsten said...

Those look delicious, like little pieces of edible art. I definitely want to try some : )

Esra said...

Oh, thank you Thorsten. I feel very honoured :)

Anonymous said...

They look lovely! Could you post the recipe?

Esra said...

Hi there! Thanks for your kind words. I will make new cookies in a week, so I will share new pictures and the recipe. So you can see, how I shaped them to slippers :)