Saturday, January 31, 2009

Turkish Bowls

When I was in Istanbul last fall,
I bought beautiful bowls for Holly in the Grand Bazaar.
Those bowls had different shades of purple and the typical tulip as design.
Holly blogged about them
and got many, many comments on them.
I received comments and e-mails of people,
who wanted to know where I bought those bowls.
Both of us received e-mails of some persons,
who didn´t believe the bowls had been bought in the Grand Bazaar,
because they couldn´t find them,
and thought, I got the bowls from a secret shop.
If you ever have been to Istanbul
and had the chance to walk around in the Grand Bazaar,
you know you can find those bowls in nearly every corner.
This picture shows the Turkish bowls, and you can even see the purple ones.
( I bought different sizes, though.)
I just wanted to share this with you, because I know,
that some people are still searching to find them.

Sultan´s Sparkling Mint

As it´s still cold outside,
I want to share a necklace made of cool green shades.
For Sultan´s Sparkling Mint
I used Swarovski crystals in three different shades,
that have a dazzling look and a great harmony
with the vintage silver tassel.
To get a very bright and shiny effect,
I decided to use round crystals with an aurora borealis coating,
and as you can see on the pictures,
the result is really sparkling.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sultan´s Kitchen

May I invite you to the Sultan´s Kitchen?
No, I haven´t written this wonderful cook book,
but the title sounds like a part of my work, doesn´t it?
The author of this book is Özcan Ozan,
who owns a restaurant called Sultan´s Kitchen in Boston, USA.
His restaurant was selected two years running
as the best Turkish restaurant in Boston.
In his cook book you can see various pictures of delicious meals.
You will find excellent recipes and instructions to prepare the meals easily.
Before I got this cook book,
I read about it a lot.
Other people wrote how much they would like this book
and that they won´t miss it in their collection anymore.
So I wanted to know more about it,
but it was completely out of stock everywhere.
Even on Amazon it took me long, long weeks of waiting.
When it finally arrived,
I read every recipe immediately.
As a Turkish woman,
I love to cook (and to eat !)
and I own many, many cook books concerning Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine.
But I totally like Özcan Ozan´s versions of the famous dishes,
and I believe that anyone,
who is afraid to use spices,
will be fit to create a richly and complexly flavored meal.
Sultan´s Kitchen offers 125 mouth-watering recipes.
I hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures of one of my all-time favourite cook books.
Maybe one day I will have the chance to have a wonderful meal in Sultan´s Kitchen in Boston.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mystic crystals

Using crystals for decoration can be very inspiring,
especially if you achieve a magical effect
by arranging them with fabrics
or some nice objects you already have at home.
This is exactly what I did.
I arranged my crystals in my moroccan tajine and beautiful silk ,
so I got that mystic look,
oriental, but fresh in a glamorous way.
Those sparkling earrings are ones I made for myself.
As you can see,
even the purest crystal can look stunning.
I prefer to wear them without any other piece of jewellery.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flea Market Finds & How To Restore Them

(Image courtesy of

Do you love flea markets ?
I do, because I never know
what I am going to find.
Sometimes you can find something,
you´ve been searching for
or you may fall in love with any unexpected item.
So, if you belong to the flea market lovers,
this book might be helpful for you.
Flea Market Finds & How To Restore Them
gives much information about different materials
and their techniques for cleaning,
renovating and using them, of course.
Not to forget the advice on the checks to make before you buy.

500 Kitchen Ideas

(Image courtesy of

As my kitchen urgently needs a makeover,
I found this book to get lots of inspiration.
The kitchen is the heart of the home,
it should be more than just a room to prepare a meal.
500 Kitchen Ideas is full of adorable ideas,
that add charm in your kitchen.
On 480 inspiring pages you can find those themes:
Color, Walls and Floors, Storage, Appliances, Sinks,
Work Surfaces, Windows and Lighting plus Accessories.
Highly recommended !

Comfortable Country

(Image courtesy of

My new books have arrived recently
and I would love to share them with you.
I want to start with Comfortable Country,
because this small book has pictures, that are beautiful to look at.
I love those light rooms that look relaxing and inviting,
the fabrics that are used to get that cozy touch,
not to forget the accessories like old glass cookie jars.
And I like the subtitle very much:
Peaceful homes inspired by the country.
Doesn´t that sounds good?
This is how it should be, I think.
A peaceful home...
what else do we need to be at "home" except of our family?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flowers for you

Today is Sunday and most of us have time
to share this day with our families.
I have been working every day and have my first weekend off,
so now I have time to do the things I really enjoy.
When I look back,
I didn´t like Sundays as a teenager or as a child,
but now I totally enjoy it.

By the way, as it´s still very cold outside,
I wanted to share this beautiful orchid with you.
Have a nice sunday !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New year - new jewellery

As the new year has started,
some people need to change something in their lives.
When it comes to accessorizing I would say:
New year - New jewellery.
Especially if it´s very cold outside,
and there is ice and snow everywhere.
Let´s bring back some fresh colour, that reminds us of flowers.
This necklace totally reminds me of pink roses or yummy raspberries.
Adding colour to your wardrobe is adding colour to your soul, I believe.
So, freshen up yourself with bright jewellery !!