Monday, January 19, 2009

Mystic crystals

Using crystals for decoration can be very inspiring,
especially if you achieve a magical effect
by arranging them with fabrics
or some nice objects you already have at home.
This is exactly what I did.
I arranged my crystals in my moroccan tajine and beautiful silk ,
so I got that mystic look,
oriental, but fresh in a glamorous way.
Those sparkling earrings are ones I made for myself.
As you can see,
even the purest crystal can look stunning.
I prefer to wear them without any other piece of jewellery.


bianca said...

dear esra, it look´s so good. i like the sparkle, if you wear something like this :-). bianca

Esra said...

Thank you for your nice words, dear Bianca! Have a nice day :)

decor8 Holly said...

SHIMSHAKE baby! You must look BEAUTIFUL in these earrings. You know what? I left the ones from you in my Hannover apartment so I've been missing my special Sultanissima earrings. I look forward to being back home and having my earrings again (and my good friend). :)


Esra said...

Thanks honey! Oh, you left them here? That´s a tragedy :) They are missing you very much, I bet (so do I) :)