Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sultan´s Kitchen

May I invite you to the Sultan´s Kitchen?
No, I haven´t written this wonderful cook book,
but the title sounds like a part of my work, doesn´t it?
The author of this book is Özcan Ozan,
who owns a restaurant called Sultan´s Kitchen in Boston, USA.
His restaurant was selected two years running
as the best Turkish restaurant in Boston.
In his cook book you can see various pictures of delicious meals.
You will find excellent recipes and instructions to prepare the meals easily.
Before I got this cook book,
I read about it a lot.
Other people wrote how much they would like this book
and that they won´t miss it in their collection anymore.
So I wanted to know more about it,
but it was completely out of stock everywhere.
Even on Amazon it took me long, long weeks of waiting.
When it finally arrived,
I read every recipe immediately.
As a Turkish woman,
I love to cook (and to eat !)
and I own many, many cook books concerning Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine.
But I totally like Özcan Ozan´s versions of the famous dishes,
and I believe that anyone,
who is afraid to use spices,
will be fit to create a richly and complexly flavored meal.
Sultan´s Kitchen offers 125 mouth-watering recipes.
I hope you enjoy the beautiful pictures of one of my all-time favourite cook books.
Maybe one day I will have the chance to have a wonderful meal in Sultan´s Kitchen in Boston.


anusha said...

mm..yummy. i love turkish cuisine. I love your blog. Very oriental indeed. I am Indian, and I can totally relate to your designs.

Esra said...

Dear Anusha, thanks very much for your kind words!!! Oh, you really made my day, this means a lot to me :)

decor8holly said...

in BOSTON? I have to show Thorsten!!! Maybe he can take me tomorrow!!

Esra said...

YAY!!! Please go and take some pics, and maybe you can blog about it, too :)