Saturday, January 31, 2009

Turkish Bowls

When I was in Istanbul last fall,
I bought beautiful bowls for Holly in the Grand Bazaar.
Those bowls had different shades of purple and the typical tulip as design.
Holly blogged about them
and got many, many comments on them.
I received comments and e-mails of people,
who wanted to know where I bought those bowls.
Both of us received e-mails of some persons,
who didn´t believe the bowls had been bought in the Grand Bazaar,
because they couldn´t find them,
and thought, I got the bowls from a secret shop.
If you ever have been to Istanbul
and had the chance to walk around in the Grand Bazaar,
you know you can find those bowls in nearly every corner.
This picture shows the Turkish bowls, and you can even see the purple ones.
( I bought different sizes, though.)
I just wanted to share this with you, because I know,
that some people are still searching to find them.


Anonymous said...

Such lovely ceramics... but you must know how hard it can be to find that specific shop you came across yesterday, again today. Almost impossible! That bazaar is just so huge... Buy it immediately if you see something you like is the only solution, I guess. And maybe next time I'll find that little shop selling the beautiful metal hamam bowls again. You know - the one where the cats are sitting among the hamam towels. Just near an archway leading to a small square where they sell suzanis. No idea how I got there, but I'll find it again, I'm sure... (I hope...)

Esra said...

Hi there,
yes, the Bazaar is very huge, I agree. But I see sooo many shops selling nearly the same ceramics everytime I am walking around, but mostly they are around the street, where they sell the carpets :)Actually I am thinking about my next trip to Istanbul, and then I will go and take a businesscard, so I can post it right here as a comment.
By the way, the most beautiful hamam bowls are in the center, which is the oldest part of the Bazaar (it´s called "Ic Bedesten", there you can find the rare, old ones, made of silver, brass or copper. There is a very stylish cafe called "Divan Cafe", try the shops right around and opposite of it ;)

anusha said...

Hello Esra,
I love the design inside the ceramic bowls. Also it is so colorful. The purple bowl really caught my eye. I loved it. My hubby's uncle used to live in Istanbul for 3 years, and he got us these little jewelry boxes that had the same kind of intricate details that you have in the bowls.
BTW: i tagged your blog. Check my blog for more info.
& added you in my bloggerroll

Esra said...

Hello Anusha,

thanks for stopping by :) You are very welcome here in my little world! I know those jewellery boxes, they are adorable.
I checked your blog for that tagging-theme. This is funny! So I have to post my fourth picture and tag 4 we go...
P.S.:Thanks for tagging me, dear :)

holly said...

I really like this photo of bowls, it looks so lovely on your blog!

I was thinking, since you really like Ottoman style, would you like some help with your background going from black to maybe a tile pattern. I remember you said you liked the new pattern on haus maus, maybe something like that? Let me know, Thorsten can help you with it. He did it for me. :) I was just thinking you may really love that. :)

Esra said...

Oh, I love that idea!!!
Thank you honey, I will ask Thorsten for more details :)
Much love,

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!