Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Martha Stewart Living

Here we have the current issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, which is adorable to look at. So February is the month of love and all magazines are full with red decorations. But this issue is full with sweet and beautifully prepared cupcakes.
There are many recipes to find and each one makes me want to eat a cupcake right now :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Turkish Delight - Step by Step

Turkish Delight is a common project of Petra and me.
Mostly we make beautiful silk skirts. Her part is to sew the skirt,
stitching the ornament is my part, which I enjoy.
Here you can see how I first mark the silk with a sailor´s chalk.
Then comes the stitching work with sequins and beads.
I love to see how the design grows with every stitch.
We made several skirts with out Turkish Delight theme
and we used many colors.
So every skirt is unique.
I wanted you to see another color,
for that reason I show my own green silk skirt.
Turkish Design looks amazing with a basic shirt,
the sequins sparkle with every move.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ocean´s Mystery

The Ocean is wild and has an enormous depth,
so the colors should be deeper.
For this reason I chose darker crystals,
that are not too bright.
As you can see,
the colors are more dramatic
than the crystals on the Mediterranean series.
The combination of deep blue/green and sea green
reflects the depth of the ocean and adds a mysterious look.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mediterranean Mermaid

Turquoise is a color that fascinates me.
This color is so bright and matches every outfit.
Mediterranean Mermaid is a necklace with turquoise,
teal and sea green.
Those colors look dazzling with that vintage silver tassel.
The sparkle of the crystals is really stunning.
I like that blue-aqua-turquoise theme these days
and as you can see there is always a variety of those beautiful colors.

Mermaid´s Treasure

This reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea,
with that shades between blue and green.
When I looked at it,
I immediately wanted to fly away to the sea.
Mermaid´s Treasure was a perfect name for that bracelet.
The teal colored copper wire is in beautiful harmony
with handmade Czech beads and the crystals.
I dream of a sunny day:
wearing white linen pants and a basic shirt,
accessorized with a dazzling piece of jewellery in turquoise...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sultan´s Mystic Blue

Another wall full of precious tiles inside the Harem of the Topkapi Palace.
I had to take this picture through an open window,
because that part of the building was closed for visitors.
Here you can see, how old the tiles are.
I love the special details, that are waiting to be discovered.
This picture shows a small part of a big room, it´s just a corner.
But look how inviting it is,
by its colors,
and by the lovely shelves,
which were used to decorate or to hide something.
Sultan´s Mystic Blue is my interpretation of those details.
Every color of the necklace is similar to a color,
that was used on the tiles.
Imagine a proud princess wearing this necklace and walking inside the Harem...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Harem´s Cool Cobalt

My beloved Topkapi Palace is always an inspiration for me,
and the Harem is one of my favourites.
It is full of amazingly beautiful details.
Those tiles are fascinating to me,
truly stunning and full of perfection.
I would like to extend this theme,
there is more to come.
For today, here is Harem´s Cool Cobalt,
a necklace inspired by the beautiful tiles of the Ottoman Harem.
The rare and handmade silver bead with gemstones is from Turkmenistan.
The Swarovski crystals complete the magical look by their vibrant color.
I´ll take you on a journey to the Topkapi Palace,
so it´s worth waiting for...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sultan´s Cream

Using petal shades,
that match with every occasion is something I like.
Those shades complete a classic black dress
as well as any white blouse and a pair of jeans.
For Sultan´s Cream I decided not to use my beloved crystals,
because I wanted to get a more sophisticated look.
I think I have to mention,
that I made this necklace nearly two years ago.
Somehow I am in a Sultanissima-Vintage-Mood :)
So, I used handmade Czech glass beads and rose quartz,
as you can see,
there is a great harmony between the creamy shades and the copper.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Harem´s Peony

As I am in spring mood,
I would like to share another necklace,
that fits into this theme.
Harem´s Peony is a very special piece of jewellery to me.
The vintage cloisonne beads are rare, because they are really old.
You can still find cloisonne beads in those colours,
but the quality is not the same.
The vintage silver tassel is also special,
it has a rare length and looks stunning.
Harem´s Peony is a necklace I made about 7 years ago,
but somehow I felt, that I had to share it today.

Spring Greeting

After mentioning the spring in my last post,
I thought you might like a spring greeting,
that has beautiful shades of pink and green.
So here is a beautiful tulip for you :)

Butterfly Bracelet

This bracelet was one of my orders and I love it,
because it reminds me of spring.
This bracelet has a very fresh and airy look,
soft and shiny colours,
that seem to be inspired by a butterfly.
It´s still cold outside,
and there is no sunshine,
but those colours are perfect for being in good mood.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tassels, Anyone ?

There is something about tassels I can hardly resist.
I use vintage silver ones for my necklaces,
as you can see on my pictures.
For home decorations and accessories I love those ones you can see here .
I took these pictures in Marrakesh last November.
I fell in love with this shop in the bazaar,
you can see tassels in every shade and every size.
There I have seen huuuge ones.
Aren´t they gorgeous?
Look at the entrance,
feels like entering another world.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Irresistible Ivy

Here we have a different style of wirework:
Although it´s not one of my newest necklaces,
I like it very much and want to share it with you.
Instead of crystals I used Indian lampwork beads.
So there is a nice contrast between the thin copper wire and the huge beads.
And there is something special about it,
you can move the beads,
so you get a different look every time you wear it.
To handle those beads I knitted four coloured copper wires to a round basic necklace,
then added all the beads and waved them into it.
I think, that Irresistible Ivy was the perfect name for this necklace.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogger Tag

This is exciting! I was tagged by Anusha.
There is a Blogger Tag,
where a blogger shows the fourth picture of his gallery
and tags four others to join this game and do the same.
So when I take a look at my first posts,
there are 3 pictures of Istanbul and one that shows my work.
For that reason I picked this picture,
where you can see a beautiful necklace consisting of crystal cubes,
handmade czech beads and a vintage silver tassel.

I am tagging following bloggers:
Bahraini Diva

Thanks for tagging me, dear Anusha :)