Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogger Tag

This is exciting! I was tagged by Anusha.
There is a Blogger Tag,
where a blogger shows the fourth picture of his gallery
and tags four others to join this game and do the same.
So when I take a look at my first posts,
there are 3 pictures of Istanbul and one that shows my work.
For that reason I picked this picture,
where you can see a beautiful necklace consisting of crystal cubes,
handmade czech beads and a vintage silver tassel.

I am tagging following bloggers:
Bahraini Diva

Thanks for tagging me, dear Anusha :)


anusha said...

I love this necklace. The silver tassel complements the pink beads very well.

Esra said...

Hi Anusha,
this necklace was one of my favorites.
A very nice woman bought it for her wedding day, she wanted to wear it with her silk coat in a similar pink shade. Looked stunning on her.