Thursday, February 5, 2009

Irresistible Ivy

Here we have a different style of wirework:
Although it´s not one of my newest necklaces,
I like it very much and want to share it with you.
Instead of crystals I used Indian lampwork beads.
So there is a nice contrast between the thin copper wire and the huge beads.
And there is something special about it,
you can move the beads,
so you get a different look every time you wear it.
To handle those beads I knitted four coloured copper wires to a round basic necklace,
then added all the beads and waved them into it.
I think, that Irresistible Ivy was the perfect name for this necklace.


Isabella said...

Oh, this necklace is lovely indeed! Haven't seen anything beautiful like this a long time! I love the differend shades of green and blue glass... the wire in between looks like sea weed... with hidden marine treasures in it!

Esra said...

Dear Isabella,
thank you for that nice compliment on my necklace! I love the "hidden marine treasures" :)
Warm regards,
Esra :)