Friday, February 27, 2009

Turkish Delight - Step by Step

Turkish Delight is a common project of Petra and me.
Mostly we make beautiful silk skirts. Her part is to sew the skirt,
stitching the ornament is my part, which I enjoy.
Here you can see how I first mark the silk with a sailor´s chalk.
Then comes the stitching work with sequins and beads.
I love to see how the design grows with every stitch.
We made several skirts with out Turkish Delight theme
and we used many colors.
So every skirt is unique.
I wanted you to see another color,
for that reason I show my own green silk skirt.
Turkish Design looks amazing with a basic shirt,
the sequins sparkle with every move.


anusha said...

this skirt looks very nice.

Solilo said...

Blog hopped from somewhere. This is beautiful.

Esra said...

thanks for visiting me again :)

thanks for your kind words !

suee said...

Hi Esra

I came across your blog thru BYW and I think your Turkish delight project is great! I myself love bellydance and I'm thinking of making my own bellydance costume. Well, maybe not the whole costume but the hip belt and decorating the bra. Any tips to start things off would be great! :D

Love all the accessories you made too!

Esra said...

Hi Suee,
it´s lovely to see that another talented lady from BYW found her way to my little blog :)
First of all thank you so much for visiting and of course for your kind words. Well, concerning your bellydance outfit: it will be much work to decorate the bra, but you can use any sequins you like (try the flat round shaped ones in silver or gold to get as much sparkle as possible) and fill the spaces between them seed beads or crystals in the smallest size. You can use the same material for the hip belt, so it will fit together perfectly.
Have a nice evening, let me know if I could help you (and I am very curious what you´ll come up with).
Warm regards,
Esra :)