Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Another foaming beauty...
This one came its way from North Africa.
As you can see,
the company Le sens de Marrakech is located in Morocco.
I love the little hand crocheted buttons,
that are beautifully arranged besides a slice of dried orange.
To my dearest friend Petra a.k.a. Fatima Berber *he he*,
who brought me this wonderful soap,
I have to admit,
that I still keep it,
because it is too pretty to use it...
I have to use all the other ones first,
this one is like the sultan of the soaps to me...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Another tea-time

Ornaments always attract me,
and if they are paired with beauty I can hardly resist.
Here we have lovely ornaments,
beauty and a fresh scent combined in a soap.
I often enjoy green tea with fresh mint,
and this soap is like fresh green tea for my skin.
While using it, there is a nice fluffy foam,
so washing hands with a beautiful soap is something I totally enjoy.
I love to have certain items in stock,
so even if I already started using a soap,
it is nice to look at the other ones,
that are presented in a nice way.

Henna for my palm

I love henna since I was a little girl.
I used to look at the hands of my grandmother (RIP),
who painted her hands, too.
Whenever I have painted hands,
I feel very close to my beloved grandmother
and by touching my henna painted skin,
I imagine touching hers.
When I want to paint henna,
I only paint my palm.
My skin is very pale,
so I love the dark red shades on my palm,
Somehow it is like a little secret,
because one doesn´t register the design on my hand obviously.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Sunday

Today is one of these days,
where staying at home is relaxing.
To sweeten up my day,
I decided to enjoy a piece of this yummy almond tart...
...that is accompanied by a strong Turkish coffee.
Although I have 1001 things to do,
I enjoy my little coffee-break.

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone :)

Friday, April 10, 2009


In 2008 the Turkish company Kalebodur launched the stunning Orientile series.
This is a collection of tiles,
that are so different than the ones you can see in every home.
Inspired by Sultan´s ceremonial robes
and showing the artistic heritage of Ottoman and Seljuk cultures,
Orientile brings three dimensions to previously flat walls.
For all of us, who love to feel history on the walls...

Working on my collection

When I thought of the jewellery,
that I would accessorize with this season,
I came up with those colors you can see on the pictures.
So there is always something deep and mystical besides something fresh.
I am addicted to those handmade silver beads,
that have those wonderful ornaments.
And I LOVE the sparkle of crystals on my skin..
You may ask yourself now,
if crystals aren´t too overloaded for the spring/summer season,
but a single bracelet, necklace or earrings can complete any outfit.
Just focus on one piece of jewellery,
that will be kind of a highlight concerning your outfit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is everywhere

Spring has finally arrived and everywhere I look,
I see flowers, trees are full of fresh green leafs.
For this reason I wanted to share the latest issue of Byzance magazine,
which is perfect for the spring theme.
Lots of greens and an real explosion of color
-not only outside-
brings life to your home.
Isn´t it amazing to look at those pictures and
feel yourself awake, energized and full of life?
After all the rain and snow,
our soul needs the sunshine and its warmth.
The past weeks have been very stressful for me,
because I had to work very, very much.
When I looked at this issue,
I felt, that I had to share it,
because looking at some pictures is a kind of therapy
when it comes to handle all the stress at work, I believe.
I love to look at magazines or books,
that take me away and make me discover new details.
I hope you enjoy those amazing pictures as much as I do.