Monday, April 13, 2009

Another tea-time

Ornaments always attract me,
and if they are paired with beauty I can hardly resist.
Here we have lovely ornaments,
beauty and a fresh scent combined in a soap.
I often enjoy green tea with fresh mint,
and this soap is like fresh green tea for my skin.
While using it, there is a nice fluffy foam,
so washing hands with a beautiful soap is something I totally enjoy.
I love to have certain items in stock,
so even if I already started using a soap,
it is nice to look at the other ones,
that are presented in a nice way.


anusha said...

Wow, so lux indeed. Look at that tassel. Nicely put together.

Esra said...

Thanks my dear :)
Much love

Bahraini Diva said...

Esra!!! OMG! the blog looks so much nicer now & so airy & feel fresh! Keep shining my Turkish star xxx

Esra said...

Oh Maha, you made my day with this comment, I am smitten..shoukran :)