Friday, April 10, 2009


In 2008 the Turkish company Kalebodur launched the stunning Orientile series.
This is a collection of tiles,
that are so different than the ones you can see in every home.
Inspired by Sultan´s ceremonial robes
and showing the artistic heritage of Ottoman and Seljuk cultures,
Orientile brings three dimensions to previously flat walls.
For all of us, who love to feel history on the walls...


Petra :-) said...

*lovethis* :-) ...and the new cream shade of your blog :-) *happyfriday* :-)

Esra said...

Thanks darling :)
See you tomorrow... :)

decor8 said...

I LOVE your new background, wowowowowowowoowow!!!

Esra said...

Thank you so much honey !!!
Love, xo

Renate said...

Wow, fabulous tiles!!