Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gartenfestival Herrenhausen

The royal gardens of Herrenhausen invite visitors every year. I joined this big and very special event together with Petra for the first time in 2008.
I did not have much expectations for this time, but I have to admit that I was totally surprised today. Many customers who had seen us last year, stopped by to say hello or to buy something new. We got many, many compliments concerning our work, which means very much to us.
Another big surprise came from Holly, who wrote about this event and her desire to join us, thank you honey :) I would like to welcome everyone who came by from Hausmaus, very nice to have you here.
We took many pictures for her and for all of you to give you a better impression.
The Gartenfestival lasts two more days, so more impressions are on the way...


decor8 said...


Your photos are STUNNING, like looking at a magazine. You are becoming a VERY good photographer honey. I love these photos, thank you for sharing your impressions of the garten festival. I've been waiting to see them today. I'm so happy you've posted them. :)

Have fun tomorrow and Monday -- that's a lot of work to be there for 3 days but I hope you are enjoying yourself and having fun with the customers.


Esra said...

Wow you made my day darling!!!
Tonight I´ll share more photos with you. I miss you honey, you would LOVE the Gartenfestival :)
Big hugs to you,

Isabella said...

Esra, thank you for the wonderfully coloured impressions from your work! Your jewellery looks even more beautiful with the decorations around. You should make a book out of theses pictures!

Esra said...

Thank you so much, dear Isabella!!!
Your lovely words encouraged me even more and show me that I´m on the right way...
Warm regards,
Esra :)