Monday, June 8, 2009

Bridal Dream

One of my co-workers is going to marry this week and she asked me for creating her bridal jewellery. She gave me a piece of the fabric her wedding gown will consist of and we talked about the necklace in general. The next day I brought this necklace to show her and she was smitten. It was the perfect necklace for her, the different pearls and crystals matched her fabric exactly. So finally she got this necklace, a bracelet and earrings to make the bridal look complete. The bracelet is the same as the necklace, but shorter. I can´t wait to see her beautiful pictures...


decor8 said...

One month of not blogging my dear, I am soo soo missing your blog posts. Honey please come back to this space, I need my updates from the Sultanissima. :)


L'Atelier said...

lovely neckless, sure the bride was looking beautiful!

Esra said...

Honey during the last weeks I was really busy with my family and my grandma, so I just wrote my blog posts and saved them without publishing.
Big hugs to you,

Thank you, dear Asiye :)
She showed me all her pictures and she looked like a princess in her wedding gown and the sparkling crystals..
Much love,