Monday, June 1, 2009


The gates of the Gartenfestival 2009 closed tonight after 4 long but fascinating days.
I wanted to give you a reflection of the last day, I hope you enjoyed being part of this journey.
We had so much work in our tent...I didn´t have the time to take pictures of every corner, but I think this gorgeous table reflects the elegant character of this organization.
One could find nearly everything here, from hats to paintings...
...not to forget the beautiful flowers and plants. As it was a Gartenfestival, there have been show-gardens like show-rooms. Thanks for joining us :)


moline/yvonne said...

Merhaba - again!
i was just checking for new pictures on your blog and to thank you again for the nice welcome at your tent. I already posted something about it:
Hugs from here and we will hopefully meet again for some yaprak dolmasi....

Esra said...

Merhaba Yvonne,
it was lovely to meet you and your family!!! I just left a comment on your flickr pictures :)
Oh we definitely will meet again and then I will prepare more than yaprak dolmasi...
Big hugs to you canim,
say hello to your family!
Kendine iyi bak,

decor8 said...

I will be in Germany in one month, can you believe it? Maybe this year we can go to the Herbst fest in Herrenhausen together. Last year I went with Petra and Hassan. Perhaps we can all go together this year or something? I'd love that.

Esra said...

Of course honey, I would love to go there in Fall. And I´ll count the weeks until August... he he