Sunday, July 5, 2009

Latest Byzance issue


The summer makes us dress and accessorize more colorful, the latest issue of Byzance magazine truly brings color to your home. In this issue you´ll find beautiful arrangements that will inspire you. Stunning fabrics, jars and glasses in various colors and gorgeous furniture will make you dream...


decor8 said...

This issue looks so colorful and lovely. Do you get these at Virgin in the main station or where do you find them? We don't have these here in my part of America, though they could be in major cities here, I'm not too sure. I remember you and Petra always having the most lovely magazines. I cannot wait to sit down and look at them with you again in my apartment! Soon my dear, very soon! I'm so homesick and ready to see you again. We have to do another day at the studio too with Petra and call out for Joey's like last time.

Fun days are coming soon! Yay!!!!

Esra said...

Oh yes honey, you can get them at Virgin. Of course we´ll do another day in the studio, have fun and enjoy a yummy pizza.
And I can´t wait to see you very soon and have fun, he he
Oh, and many, many magazines are waiting for you ;)

moline/yvonne said...

I'll come over as well bringing my old issues of Byzance. i always bought them in Istanbul and was daydreaming reading them!

Esra said...

Merhaba Yvonne, I would love that!! It would be wonderful to have you here and joining us. So you bring the magazines and I´ll bring the yaprak dolmasi :)

Nini Violette said...

My creations are in. Page 38 and 39. I love this magazine.