Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marinated olives

As a Mediterranean woman I love olives. For many others, olives might be just an appetizer or just a part of the breakfast. I love to cook with olives and use them for a delicious bread instead of eating them just for breakfast (what I also like very much...). Another way to serve them is to marinade them. It is really easy and you will be surprised about the result, which you always can vary by using different ingredients.

And here is what you´ll need:
-olives (due to their color I chose green ones, feel free to use any kind of olives)
-olive oil
-garlic cloves

Chop chili, garlic cloves and the coriander and mix it in a bowl. Then add the olives and mix them with the spices. Finally add some olive oil and let the olives marinade for at least an hour. The marinated olives taste even better the longer they stay in the olive oil.

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anusha said...

such a simple recipe. I am going to give it a shot. Any recipes for a nice tasting hummus? :)