Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Bahraini Diva

Everyone who is interested in interior design, art and cats (yes, cats) please follow the blog of my lovely friend Maha. She is a freelance interior designer located in Bahrain and shares beautiful findings with her readers. I love her "Awww of the week", the cutest photos of cats, she posts on Fridays. Maha recently opened a concept store with two of her friends in Bahrain, where she also offers her own designs. I had the privilege of meeting her in Istanbul and we had such a great time together. She is such an inspiring person and has that certain sense of humor, that I like very much.
P.S.: *KRB* GF ;)


Bahraini Diva said...

Esraaaaa i am speechless and that's a first!! I loved meeting you too GF & I am planning to do so often ;) Thank you soooo much for the lovely post,, you made my day - my week - my month :D love you so much

Esra said...

You´re very welcome GF ;)
Oh yes, I know there will be many more meetings, so we will KRB until then ;))
Much love to you, xoxo