Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Byzance Issue

Finally the new Byzance issue arrived and as you can see, turquoise is the leading theme. I would like to share the most beautiful pages of this issue, because they remind me of the Aegean and the Mediterranean regions. Hopefully you´ll like it.

Sage tea

I´ve caught a very bad cold these days and didn´t want to take extra medicine to feel better. So I prefer to prepare sage tea with dried leaves. If you are in the same situation as me (bad sore throat + I lost my voice) the only thing you have to do is to boil som water and add it to the sage leaves. If you don´t like the pure taste of sage, because it can be quite strong, feel free to add a wedge of lemon or a little honey. This tea will make you feel better and is an excellent herbal treatment. If you use more sage leaves to make a very strong tea, you can also use it as a gargle.
Sage tea is very popular in Turkey. When I am in Istanbul during the winter it´s always relaxing and calming to enjoy fresh prepared sage tea, because it´s mostly windy and cold. On the pictures you can see how this tea is served in Istanbul. A tulip-shaped teaglass filled with this yummy herbal tea doesn´t remind of grandma´s old recipes at all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More of Sevan Bicakci

Recently I was looking through some old magazines and found a very interesting article about Sevan Bicakci, a master when it comes to art and perfection in his rings. This article was in an old issue of the Italian Vogue Gioiello and I think it´s very inspiring for everybody who loves Ottoman influences in fashion and jewelry. The pictures show the old Istanbul and I love the way they are in perfect harmony with every single ring. Hopefully you´ll like this article as much as I do.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oriental opulence, anyone?

These gorgeous objects are one of my favorites, they are decorated with lots of sparkling elements and look full of oriental opulence.
Just look at every single detail, you can buy them in every color. I will definitely buy some others to have a bigger collection of them. The smaller ones are perfect for candles and due to the color of the glass, they add a magical sparkle into every room.

Bring back some color

Flowers can easily brighten up every situation, they remind us of Spring. I couldn´t resist those lovely tulips and had to buy them immediately.
They look awesome, capture the most beautiful colors and look elegant at the same time.
I love shoes and as you can see those ones are perfect for the Spring season. I´ve bought them in Istanbul by the way, the city is a true heaven when it comes to anything made out of leather. As I always love to find rare or special designs, I couldn´t walk by...

Oriental object

Recently I have been to Hamburg and came back home with another oriental object. I think about using this nice item as a bonbonniere, because of its design. Even if your whole table is decorated with simple ceramics or porcelain, this could be a highlight and an oriental eye-candy.
Just imagine arranging beautiful flowers around an object like this, it would look stunning. I so love to discover beautiful and interesting items in different cities and countries. Somehow every single item matches the ones I have at home. Isn´t it wonderful to have a very own collection like this?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blossom Bead

One of my favorite sellers once sent me a gift that was meant to bring luck for a special event I was participating in. It´s just a bead, but shaped as a blossom and I liked it the second I saw it. Mostly the small things in life make a difference, and in this case this blossom bead made my day. I knew it had a message, it was adorable and it matched my display for the earrings. When I look at this picture, I found it inspiring in a certain way. In between of crystals, gemstones and handmade beads, this blossom bead was still bright and has been a highlight for that event.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Language Of Turkish Motifs

For the most people, looking at a Turkish rug is nice because of the colors or the graphics. But how many people think about their meanings? Surely every pattern and every color has a special meaning and is used to express a certain emotion. Of course, every region has its characteristic colors and designs. Owning a Turkish rug or a "Kilim" is not just owning something to cover the floor. It´s owning a piece of art. In most of the Turkish carpets you can find the color Red, which expresses wealth and joy. Green is used to symbolize heaven while Blue is an expression of nobility. Yellow as a joyful color shall keep the evil away and is mostly used for prayer rugs. Maybe the next time, when you look at a Kilim, a big carpet or a small rug you follow the pattern and think about their meanings...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saree Impression

A while ago my friend Maha mailed me some stunning pictures that showed different sarees of the Indian brand Seasons. Both of us agreed, that this was our favorite one. Besides the design, the colors and the beautiful embroidery, I have to say that I love the location, because they took this picture in a very popular district of Istanbul - in Ortaköy :) So imagine the beautiful lady is in Europe, the riverside on the left side of the picture is Asia. The other riverside seems smaller, that is the historical peninsula. (It´s also on the European side.) There you can find the Topkapi Palace, the Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque just to name a few of the important buildings. I love the harmony in this picture, the elegance of this lady, the stunning saree, the location... it seems like the perfect melting point. That´s why I wanted to share it with you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Special thanks to renkli pudra :)

When I was searching for some inspiration on the internet, I finally found myself on renkli pudra. This is a Turkish website where you can find everything from Beauty to Decoration. I was very surprised, when I saw a blog post about myself. This means so much to me!! I am honestly happy to have Turkish readers, who follow my blog to read about my jewelry and my trips to Istanbul. Thank you so much, renkli pudra for making my day!!! And to all my Turkish readers, check out this stylish website, where you can find the latest trends ;) Sevgiler xo

Desperately waiting for Spring

This Winter has been too long and there has been snow, ice and rain for the past few months. Besides that, it is still cold outside, so you have to wear a shawl and a coat. For me, this is a little depressing, because I miss wearing lighter Summer clothes a lot. I am really looking forward to Spring, when you can see the awakening nature. I took this picture a short time ago in Istanbul, where I found the missing colors in the flowers. What a joy it was to see other things than snow...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mosaic lamps by night

The mosaic lamps are beautifully arranged in nearly every corner of the Grand Bazaar. I like the presentation of this shop, because it doesn´t look overloaded. The mosaic lamps have very bright colors and it´s lovely to look at them. They are looking both fresh and modern compared to the elegant brass lanterns. I guess it´s hard to decide which one to buy, so one better takes a few to arrange them in different spaces of the home. For those of you who have children: those mosaic lamps look cute in children´s rooms...

Turkish lanterns by night

Do you love lanterns? I do!! The ones on the picture are brass, copper and glass lanterns. It´s nice to see them in daylight, but they are more beautiful when it´s dark outside. Somehow they have something mystic and even a single lantern is a highlight in every room. The lanterns in this shop are elegant and they remind me of the ones used in old Ottoman houses. I just had to share their beauty with you and I hope you´ll like them as much as I do.

Tulips, tulips everywhere

The most popular flowers seen on Ottoman period fabrics are tulips. The ones that are decorated in that window immediately caught my eye. How bright their colors are. How precious the fabrics are. Eye-catching and sooo beautiful...By the way,whenever your schedule allows, I would highly recommend all of you to visit Istanbul and go to the Topkapi Palace. There you can take a look at many, many precious caftans and other old fabrics. There you can discover tulips as well. Even an Ottoman period is called the "Tulip Era", did you know that?
Well, I took these pictures in the streets of Istanbul and I liked the harmony of the decorated fabrics. Ikat, suzanis and silk shawls seem to complete each other. So whenever I see a new fabric I can hardly resist and I have to touch it and feel its structure.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mediterranean Breeze

Who does not love the sea? Looking at the waves and discovering reflections of the sunlight is what I personally enjoy. Closing the eyes and breathing fresh air while feeling a warm breeze is more than relaxing.
This necklace reminds me of a warm sea breeze and I used a really bis silver tassel to symbolize the depth of the sea.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another hint of mint

The combination of different materials is something I enjoy while being creative. Sometimes it´s a fabric, that is inspiring due to its structure or its color.
This fabric has a very nice structure, actually it´s a shawl, but it looks light and airy. So I tried to catch up this harmony and used gemstones to add a certain structure to the necklace. It matches the crystals, the glass beads and the silver tassel, so I guess those different shades of mint are in perfect harmony.