Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saree Impression

A while ago my friend Maha mailed me some stunning pictures that showed different sarees of the Indian brand Seasons. Both of us agreed, that this was our favorite one. Besides the design, the colors and the beautiful embroidery, I have to say that I love the location, because they took this picture in a very popular district of Istanbul - in Ortaköy :) So imagine the beautiful lady is in Europe, the riverside on the left side of the picture is Asia. The other riverside seems smaller, that is the historical peninsula. (It´s also on the European side.) There you can find the Topkapi Palace, the Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque just to name a few of the important buildings. I love the harmony in this picture, the elegance of this lady, the stunning saree, the location... it seems like the perfect melting point. That´s why I wanted to share it with you.

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decor8 said...

Wow! This woman is beautiful and I love what she is wearing.