Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tulips, tulips everywhere

The most popular flowers seen on Ottoman period fabrics are tulips. The ones that are decorated in that window immediately caught my eye. How bright their colors are. How precious the fabrics are. Eye-catching and sooo beautiful...By the way,whenever your schedule allows, I would highly recommend all of you to visit Istanbul and go to the Topkapi Palace. There you can take a look at many, many precious caftans and other old fabrics. There you can discover tulips as well. Even an Ottoman period is called the "Tulip Era", did you know that?
Well, I took these pictures in the streets of Istanbul and I liked the harmony of the decorated fabrics. Ikat, suzanis and silk shawls seem to complete each other. So whenever I see a new fabric I can hardly resist and I have to touch it and feel its structure.

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