Sunday, July 11, 2010

The World Of Sequins

Welcome to the world of sequins seems to be absolutely right when you take a look at the pictures I´ve taken in Istanbul.
For everybody who loves handwork and especially sewing and stitching, this might be heaven :)
You can find sequins in every color, every size and in many, many different shapes and finishes.
You can also find a huge choice of sew-on elements, glitters,and many more.

There are many shops like this in Istanbul, and I love looking at all those packages full of sequins to discover the newest colors, which I can´t find anywhere else. That´s the fun part of it...


decor8 said...

Thank you honey for the ones that you brought home for me, I can't wait to make my curtain idea with them!!!

Esra said...

you´re very welcome honey, glad you liked them :)

Marie @ etincellestudio said...

Oh my... I am fainting!it is a paradise :)
Thanks for sharing!

Esra said...

You´re very welcome! I totally agree with you, it´s a real paradise :)