Friday, February 25, 2011

Very special trip to Istanbul

One of my personal highlights of the past months was my trip to Istanbul with two special friends, Holly and Thorsten Becker. It was their first trip ever to Turkey and it was wonderful to see, that they both loved Istanbul. Of course I have been very proud to show them my hometown and be their guide, but we also had so much fun together and had the best time..Just to mention some of the things we did together:
We enjoyed little things like fresh pomegranate juice, roasted chestnuts or salep...sooo yummy..
We spent hours inside the mighty Topkapi Palace, which was very impressive and inspiring for my friends..
We walked through the streets of Istanbul and saw history inbetween modern buildings..
We had a great time spending hours in the Grand Bazaar, where we discovered some special goodies..
Not to forget the delicious meals and all the coffee and tea-breaks..My friends loved the Turkish delight and the apple tea :) Thank you Holly & Thorsten so much for joining me to Istanbul, we will be back soon, yay !!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hidden Treasures

Walking through the Grand Bazaar is something I always enjoy, but one of the thing I love the most is discovering hidden treasures. Where can one find those the best? In antique shops..

As you can see one never knows what to find unless one enters the shop and starts looking for those very special items, that are waiting to show their beauty..

Maybe it´s the first item that will catch one´s eye, maybe one has to look through thousand others to find the hidden any case it´s facsinating to enter an antique shop without knowing which item one will take home..

Thank you

Surprise, surprise...yes it´s me :) First of all I would like to thank all of you for your patience, it´s been quite a long time of not-blogging. So these flowers go all of my readers for the lovely messages, comments and emails. The past months have been busy with business and private travels and much much work. As my schedule did not allow blogging for long time, I finally found the inspiration and the time for more posts. Thank you all for waiting..