Monday, August 5, 2013

New York, New York

Wow, it´s been a real long time of not-blogging..what did I do besides working, working and working? I travelled to beautiful cities, visited interesting countries..and I decided to share some of my travel impressions. As you may know, I frequently travel to Istanbul to see my family and friends, mostly I share pics from the Bazaar, shops or places in Istanbul I really enjoy. Today I´d like to share my trip to New York City. I am SO happy that I had the chance to have a wonderful time there..
Having Istanbul as your hometown makes you feel relaxed being in another metropole. I am used to the crowd, the traffic, the noise - and I love it. So I can say that I totally felt comfortable in NYC. Although I have been there for business, I had a lot of time to spend in the streets and walk around. That´s something I always enjoy, discovering a city by myself. I prefer to walk around without a tourguide, so I can decide where to go or what to see.
I loved NYC because it makes you feel at home as a melting point of cultures, traditions and an amazing atmosphere. The unique skyline, the skyscrapers and other beautiful buildings have been very, very impressive..but it´s the life in the street, that was more interesting to me.
Entering a shop and hearing "Hi, how are you today?" has been very nice, especially when you´re not used to that kind of warm welcoming. That´s something I miss in Europe. Generally I would like to see more of NYC and can´t wait to be back at the Big Apple :)